Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Twitter Redux

Okay, I've got this Twitter thing figured out now. And Facebook.

I'm moving all my news linking to those two places. Adventuresome news items will go to Twitter. Stuff Nobody Cares About But Me will go to Facebook. I'll use both for personal updates, but longer ones will just go on Facebook for obvious reasons.

That leaves the blog free for Art Shows, Pass the Comics, movie/TV/book reviews, thought pieces, Quotes of the Week; that kind of thing. Maybe a weekly Twitter recap or something if that would be helpful and I can figure out how to make it work.

I'm still a little resistant to spreading things out like that, but I think this plays to the strengths of each tool. Twitter for quick linking, Facebook for personal stuff, and the blog for longer pieces and image-heavy posts. Of course, if I ever have really giant news, I'll mention it at all three places.


Ken O said...

I have avoided facebook, and for the most part twitter. So recaps of anything particularly fun would be appreciated. And I just realized I told you to change up things for my habits. Wow, I'm a dick.

Michael May said...

Not at all. I really appreciate the feedback.

And I know you're not the only one who prefers not to use those two, so I'll figure something out. :)


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