Thursday, July 01, 2010

Days Missing

This week's Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs isn't quite a review. I liked Days Missing very much, but rather than going into a ton of detail about it, I let it send me down the path of wondering about non-serialized serials and if there's as much a place for them in today's comics as I hope there is. Archaia's PJ Bickett comments on the post with some encouraging news.

Since I didn't do it at Robot 6, I'll give it a star-rating here. Four out of five Frankensteinian Monsters.


Rich said...

Ew. It's another franchise loosely developed from a script idea Roddenberry scribbled on a napkin. When are they going to let the man rest in peace?

Michael May said...

What does it matter so long as it's good? Which it is.

Rich said...

My take on it is to call as spade a spade, and not to credit (or discredit) Roddenberry or any other person unless he actually plays a role in the production.
I thought Earth: Final Conflict was great and Andromeda was pretty good. But I don't think they had any "real" claims to the Roddenberry name. *Roddenberry presents* c'mon that's ludicrious!

Michael May said...

His son is directly involved in Days Missing and is trying to create stories in the spirit of his dad's work (hence "Roddenberry Presents" and not "Gene Roddenberry Presents"), but I hear you.


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