Thursday, June 19, 2008

What Looks Good?: June Theatrical Releases

Oops. I forgot to do this earlier. Here's what looks good this month at the movies.

June 6

You Don't Mess with the Zohan: The Michael May from early June was way looking forward to a movie with a laugh-out-loud trailer in which Adam Sandler plays a bullet-catching super-spy. That's the only reason I'm listing it. The current Michael May is hearing that it's even worse than Little Nicky. That's impossible, but my interest in it is still severely diminished. Still, I'll give it a look on DVD and find out for myself.

Mongol: (Limited release) I know precious little about Genghis Khan, but I've always been curious about him. Plus, the trailer for this looks amazing.

Kung Fu Panda: Already saw it. It was exactly what I expected: a fun movie about anthropomorphic animals kicking each others butts as only CGI martial artists can. The theater where we saw it lost sound for about ten minutes, but I liked it enough that I'm interested in sitting through it again to fill in what I missed.

June 13

The Incredible Hulk: Seen it. Liked it.

The Happening: This is another one that I'm less excited to see now that it's been out and people aren't saying very nice things about it. Then again, people tend not to say nice things about Shyamalan movies and I tend to like his stuff anyway. Still, I was hoping that the buzz would be more positive.

June 20

Get Smart: Everything about this looks hilarious. Steve Carrell and the Rock can do no wrong anyway, but even Anne Hathaway - whom I can usually take or leave - looks very, very takeable here.

June 27th

WALL-E: I'm not as excited about this as I think I should be (too much emphasis on the Cute in the marketing probably), but it's Pixar and I trust them.

Wanted: Now this I'm excited about. And only a little because it's Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. Mainly it's the level of energy I've seen in the trailers. I'm expecting great things.

What looks good to you?

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