Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Awesome List: Mermaid Island, Zatanna ongoing, John Carter of Pixar, Burn Notice novels, new Holmes movie, and more

Mermaid Island

There aren't enough mermaid movies featuring giant sea monsters, if you ask me. Too bad the Catwoman director has to be the one making it.

Zatanna ongoing?

Great news!
Captain Carrot and the Final Ark was definitely an entertaining little series. Any plans to pick up on it's mysterious ending? Didio hopes so, "Did we ever announce the Zatanna book?" The panel became confused. Did they just slip up? It was said something with Paul Dini and Zatanna was a possibility during the NY Comic Con panel but no, nothing had actually been announced. Didio needed to go hypothetical again, "If Zatanna had her own book, you might see something along those lines somewhere down the road. Just saying if."
"You could be happy here. I could take care of you. I wouldn't let anybody hurt... AAAH! NO, ET! NO!" *SPLURCH!*

Eliot's new friend.

Pixar's John Carter of Mars movie confirmed

According to The Pixar Blog
The disclosure came at the end of the short, but extremely enjoyable, discussion (excerpts of which will be published here soon), when a writer from asked about [writer/director Andrew Stanton's (Finding Nemo, WALL-E)'s] next project, to which Stanton mentioned (not too loudly) 'John Carter of Mars'.

Doubting what I'm hearing, I interject, "What is that?" "John Carter of Mars", Stanton replies. "You're confirming John Carter? Are you serious?" At this point, I turn my tape recorder back on, "...say that on tape!", I tell him. Stanton: "I am writing John Carter of Mars right now." "Oh man, you just doubled my page views!", I say. Everybody laughs.
Cannot wait.

Skulduggery Pleasant

There's always room on my bookshelf for a skull-faced detective.

The future's getting closer all the time

I've been wanting an excuse to finally visit Disneyland and Vegas. A 300 mph levitating train ought to do the trick nicely.

Burn Notice novels

I'm a big freaking Burn Notice geek, so I'm way tempted by the idea of continuing Michael Westen's adventures via novels. These things are rarely as satisfying as watching the show, but I suspect that my curiosity may make me find out for myself this time. (Thanks to Double O Section for the heads up.)

Wizard World Chicago

I'll be heading to WWChicago in another week. If my vacationing luck holds up like it has so far this year, I expect aliens to take over the convention center and hold us all hostage. But at least I'll have Warren Ellis to keep me company. He's making a rare convention appearance there this year.

Via his email newsletter:
I'm at the Chicago con next week, and I'll be doing one of my marathon Q&A talks on the Friday night. Details:

The talk is actually at the convention center. We don't have a room number -- they're actually going to be removing walls from adjoining rooms to make a monster hall that'll seat 1500.

The room will open at 9PM. There will be a bar in this room, so people can get good and drunk before I go on.

I go on at 9.30PM. And we will just bullshit until they throw us out.

This is NOT a ticketed event. No-one is on the door, I'm told. First come, first seated.
Lord help me; I sorta want to see Lost Boys 2 now

I don't really know why and I can't defend it, but seeing pictures of the older Frog Bros. and their new vampire enemies has me kind of curious.

Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes

Guy Ritchie will be directing a Holmes movie for Warner Bros. who're comparing it to Batman Begins in tone. They say it'll focus more on Holmes' adventurous, swashbuckling side. I think that's a valid approach, so now the question is, who to play Holmes?

As soon as I heard Ritchie's name, my mind went to Jason Statham, whom I love, but think would be pretty awful for the role. Hugh Laurie would be a great - if obvious - choice though. What do you think?


Tanner said...

I can't wait for this Sherlock Holmes movie! Even though this was announced last fall, we hadn't heard anything for a while, and just before the Ritchie announcement I was driving around LA looking at all the busstop posters thinking, "How cool would it be to see Sherlock Holmes busstop posters?" Sorry; that's how my mind works. Anyway, I guess we WILL eventully, but whose face will be on them?

Laurie would be GREAT, but I think in the initial trade story it was mentioned that WB wanted a youngish Holmes. (Remember when Laurie was supposed to play Watson to Stephen Fry's Holmes for the BBC? I would have loved to see that, too! I guess House's success put the kibosh on those plans.)

Of current movie stars, I think Hugh Jackman could definitely do a good job. They'll probably end up going younger than him, too, though...

Michael May said...

I think Hugh Jackman could do a good job, but I'm about to hit burnout on him.

Thinking about it some more, I withdraw my Hugh Laurie nomination. I wanna see Tim Roth play Holmes.


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