Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Adventureblog Gallery: Robot Edition

Star Crash

How the heck did I miss this when I was twelve? Naomi from The Spy Who Loved Me, Captain Von Trapp, the Hoff, and the crappiest effects you've ever seen. I wanna see!

Thanks, Christopher Mills!

The Empire Strikes Back in 60 seconds

Thanks, Star Wars Blog!

High Tech Noon

Forget Outland (not really, it's awesome). Here's your real scifi update of High Noon.

Thanks, SciFi Signal!

The Builders

And what do they build? Giant robots, natcherly!

Thanks, Robert Hood!

Robot Pulp Fiction

I can't embed this one, but it's clever enough to make it worth clicking through.


Tanner said...

You've got to see Starcrash! I think it's even available on American DVD now. Not as a special edition, though. For that, you've got to get it from France. For some reason, the French LOVE Starcrash; they gave it a two-disc SE over there. Also, the Darth Vader-looking robot speaks with a Foghorn Leghorn accent. It's amazing! See it!

Michael May said...

"Also, the Darth Vader-looking robot speaks with a Foghorn Leghorn accent."

I think I just had a little heart attack. In a good way. :D


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