Monday, June 02, 2008

Awesome List: Indyopoly, Hulkigami, Terminator stuff, Hobbit 2, Amazons are hot, and more

Indiana Jones makes Monopoly better

I'm usually really annoyed by all the different Monopoly versions that come out, but dang if I don't want this one. I think it's the wooden crate it comes in. And the Ark of the Covenant hotels.

Terminator Garbage

Okay, seriously... I had just cleaned up my Tivo Season Passes and decided that I wasn't going to stay with The Sarah Conner Chronicles on a weekly basis when it returns next Fall. I like a lot of it (Summer Glau, the intricate plot-weaving, John Conner's emergence as a hero, the humor), but there was enough that bugged me (John Conner's being in school, the convenient inconsistency in Cameron's ability to blend in, Sarah's tiring over-protectiveness) that I figured I'd just catch up when the DVDs came out.

But then they gotta go and put Shirley Manson in it. Well played, Sarah Conner people. Well played.

It's amazing what a few plants will do

And speaking of re-energizing my interest in Terminator, McG has released some concept art from the upcoming sequels. I was pretty bored with the idea of post-Judgment Day movies, but I realize now that my problem may have been with how dull the future's always looked in the movies so far. All the overgrown plant life still makes it look very desolate, but interesting. Like humans may have to deal with some nasty wildlife in addition to all those robots.

Coolest origami ever

Okay, it's not technically origami, but it's still making stuff out of paper and - outside of Edward James Olmos in Blade Runner and the dinosaur pop-up dioramas my son's been making lately - that's an activity that's always struggled for coolness. Until now. Lots more characters at that link and this one, including the Rocketeer, Indiana Jones, and Hellboy.

London 1888

Part board game, part RPG, part card game. In Victorian England hunting Jack the Ripper. I'm so getting this when it's translated to English. (Thanks, Brass Goggles!)

"You expect me to link?"

I knew Snell from comics blog Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep!! was Awesome. I mean, the proof is right there in the blog name. But I didn't realize he was also a huge Bond fan, which pretty much breaks the scale I was using to measure Awesome with.

I Expect You to Die! is his project in reviewing every Bond movie ever made leading up to the release of Quantum of Solace, but he also talks about other Bond stuff that interests him. Things are already off to a great start with his review of the old Climax Mystery Theater version of Casino Royale. I've pretty much worn out my VHS copy of that one and I still learned stuff from Snell's post. Including that my copy is incomplete.

I've always thought it ended abruptly, but figured that was because of having to quickly wrap up the live production. It's more of a mystery than ever now why the commercial versions of the episode cut off the end, but at least Snell has the missing stuff for us to finally see.

Ultimate Alpha Flight

I've never read an Ultimate Marvel comic and don't really have any desire to, but I admit I'm a little intrigued by the Ultimate version of Aurora there. She was one of my favorite members of Alpha Flight and I hate that no one's doing anything with her. Of course, any interest in her is more than offset by how goofy the rest of the team looks. Why does Vindicator have lightbulbs on his arms? (Thanks to Weekly Crisis for the scan.)

Hobbit 2 could go either way

Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro have finally spilled some info about the Hobbit movie and its sequel. The Hobbit news is really positive:
No casting has commenced and won’t until the scripts are written. Guillermo insists that “Unequivocally, every single actor that originated a role in the trilogy will be asked to participate and reprise it. If health, availability or willingness become obstacles - and only in that case - recasting would be considered.” ... Ian Holm will be utilized “in some fashion for sure but the difficulty of the role will be better assessed after” the screenplays are completed. Del Toro revealed that he also has plans for Ron Perlman in the film, but not as the voice of Smaug.

Both movies will be PG-13 ... Howard Shore is in talks to return to compose the score. Much of the original production team will be brought back supplemented by choices from del Toro.

Middle-earth will be shot on location in New Zealand with real set construction preferred over green screen. They plan on rebuilding Hobbiton “bigger and even better” in the same location.
Unfortunately, the sequel won't be the second half of the original book, but a fanfic story. Del Toro says, "We must try and contain The Hobbit in a single film," but I suppose if I've got to watch a fanfic story, Jackson and Del Toro's is the one I'd want to watch.
Del Toro says, “The idea is to find a compelling way to join The Hobbit and Fellowship and enhance the five films both visually and in their Cosmology. There are omissions and material enough in the available, licensed material to attempt this. The agreement is, however, that the second film must be relevant and emotionally strong enough to be brought to life...”

Jackson says, “If we wished to write one of the LOTR characters into the narrative of Film Two, we would only do that with that actors blessing, and willingness to take part. Otherwise we’d take the writing in another direction.”
This just in: Amazons are hot

I love this post on female bodies and popular culture. If my fascination with Wonder Woman isn't clue enough, I'll just say outright that I'm especially attracted to women who look like they could kick my butt. So, out of the images that Kali posted there's absolutely no contest between the Amazon superheroines and the ultra-tiny supermodels they're next to. I blame Lucy Lawless for ruining me on unhealthy-looking girls.

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