Thursday, June 05, 2008

Awesome List: Indiana Grimm, new Flash Gordon comics, Chuck, Keira, and ever so much more

Ben Grimm loves Indiana Jones

Bully's got the story.

Siskoid's got cool stuff too

Namely: write ups on underappreciated DC characters like the Grim Ghost (who'd be much more interesting if he still called himself the Gay Ghost), G.I. Robot (it's all there in the name, pal), and the dino-kicking, poison-blooded Green Man. Gorilla Grodd's there too, making me fantasize about what a cool comic it would be to have him fight the Green Man, G.I. Robot, and the Gay Ghost.

Did Millar bait-and-switch the Wanted movie?

Trying to head off potential complaints that Wanted is no longer a superhero story like the comic it's supposedly based on, Top Cow spokesman Mel Caylo explains that the movie is actually based on Wanted's original concept; not the comic that was produced from it.
"What many people don't know is that Wanted was optioned before the series was concluded ... At that time, Mark had an idea based around a society of assassins that worked underground or behind the scenes, and that's what the producers bought. Mark then decided to go in the direction that Earth was once populated by superheroes, but they have been vanquished, ... and supervillains now run the Earth [in] five major cabals that run the whole world."
Before the series was "concluded?" It sounds to me like it was optioned before the series was started. I'm not saying that Millar was necessarily unethical because I don't know what kind of communication went on with the filmmakers as he was changing his mind. I am saying though that I'm way more excited about the movie than I am about ever reading the comic.

Billy Batson and the Legend of Shazam

Speaking of movies' being faithful to comics, Peter Segal (Get Smart) reassures fans that he's going to keep the Shazam movie as faithful to the original comics as he can.
"You have to please the original fans, but also make it survive on its own for people who might not be familiar with the series," Segal said. "So we try to do both, and that's constantly the balancing act. But I think the underlying similarity between adapting Shazam and adapting Get Smart is you have to love the source material, you have to embrace it. You can't look at it as a fixer-upper."
You know, the way DC has.

Flash Gordon comic

You know, I'm way more optimistic about this than I am about the potential for a new movie. The Sci Fi Channel series pretty much killed my desire to see Flash Gordon done in live action for a while.

Grant Gould and Jessica Hickman interview

I talk about 'em every time the word "convention" gets brought up. Now you can get to know them a bit yourself thanks to this Comics Bulletin interview.

Chuck news

Tony Hale (Buster from Arrested Development) will be joining the cast of Chuck next season as a Buy More efficiency expert. That promises some really funny moments, but in the meantime, you can catch up on Season 1 when it's released on DVD September 16.


The Keira Knightley 2009 Calendar is already available for pre-order. I wonder if misspelling her name will cost them any sales.


Siskoid said...

It's one of the things I do at night when I can't sleep... imagine a comic that absolutely must star everyone in any given issue of Who's Who.

You think the Green Man can kick a giant super-genius ape in the head as easily as a dinosaur?

Michael May said...

I don't know. T-Rex's have those little, tiny arms. Grodd would be more likely to grab the Green Man's foot and swing him around by the leg.

It'd be a blast to watch him try though!

Incidentally, I just saw the Green Man in some comic or other this week. I'm a little behind in my reading, so I forget if it was JLA or Final Crisis or something else, but he was with the GLC and I immediately grinned and cheered him on.

Siskoid said...

Yes, Final Crisis, and he's regularly featured in Green Lantern Corps.

Sadly, they just turned him into a creepy cyborg (I don't trust those Alphas AT ALL!)


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