Friday, April 13, 2007

Quick update

Got a new computer at work today, which is pretty cool, but it kept me offline for a bit. It's just as well though, because it's sort of a slow day except for the news that Gail Simone is indeed taking over Wonder Woman, which is excellent for Simone and Wonder Woman fans alike. She's going to do an excellent job.

I'll do a full Links du Jour post on Monday. The only other thing I have to tell you today is that I've been invited to pitch for an upcoming project that should be pretty high profile. That's all I can say about it, but I'll spill more later when I'm able.


West said...

Congrats on the new comp. I got one, too, although it wasn't paid for by my employer.

I remember LitG mentioning that it was a given that Gail would take over WW, but I didn't expect confirmation so quickly.

Thanks for the heads-up and good luck on your gigs!

Michael May said...


Yeah, I should learn to just trust Rich more. I can't say it was a surprise to learn that Gail's got WW, but I've still been using part of my brain to speculate on what she might be doing if it wasn't WW.


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