Thursday, April 05, 2007

Links du Jour: Stoker winners, Mary Sue, and a Kill All Monsters! shout out


  • I haven't heard this reported anywhere else yet, but comiXtreme claims that Gail Simone is leaving Birds of Prey and being replaced by Sean McKeever. I'd heard that she was being considered for the new writer on Wonder Woman (though I don't remember where and Google isn't helping me find it), which would be an answer to my complaint from yesterday, but I'm considering all of this rumor for now. (Update: It's not rumor and I just remember where I read it: Dad Didio's "DC Nation" column this week.)

Other Comics

  • Jason Rodriguez is promoting his new anthology Postcards all this week on the Newsarama blog. It's a great concept and from the talent involved, it's going to be a great book. Yesterday, Rodriguez interviewed a couple of contributors including Kill All Monsters!' Jason Copland, and he was kind enough to mention KAM! too.

Writing is Hard

  • I like to think I'm Mary Sue-proof, but here's a funny litmus test to determine if your main character needs some more thought. Fortunately, my characters all pass, but it's pretty hilarious that Bono from U2 doesn't.

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