Monday, April 02, 2007

Links du Jour: Zorro anthology, a bratty pirate, and Holmes meets Lovecraft

  • Hot on the heels of Dynamite's announcement of a new Zorro comic comes Moonstone's announcement of a new Zorro prose anthology. It's planned for a Christmas 2007 release.
  • Here's a story about a stupid, entitled kid who thought he could exploit freedom-of-religion in order to dress up like a pirate and disrupt his class at school. I'm all for dressing up like a pirate, but claiming to truly believe in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? The kid says, "If this is what I believe in, no matter how stupid it might sound, I should be able to express myself however I want to." To which I agree in concept, but how stupid does he think people are? I hate how much this makes me sound like an old fart, but the kid's arrogance really cheeses me off.


  • This is as much horror as it is mystery. I'm not a video gamer because I'd never get anything else done if I played them. But if I was, I'd really want to be playing Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened right now, which combines Holmes with Lovecraftian horror.


  • Sam Raimi isn't only producing the current 30 Days of Night film; he's also working on a prequel.
  • Dark Horse has released info about the next B.P.R.D. series, called "Killing Ground": "Abe’s encounter in Indonesia has brought a new member to the Bureau, and Johann finds himself in possession of a very valuable commodity. The B.P.R.D. will need all of its resources to handle the sinister forces that have wormed their way into the heart of the Bureau itself, blurring the lines between the hunters and their prey!"


Stuff Nobody Cares About But Me

  • In honor of yesterday, the Top 100 April Fool's Hoaxes of All Time.
  • Zach Braff has a trailer from his and Jason Bateman's new movie The Ex up on his blog. He says, "My easy sell for the movie is this: if you laugh at Arrested Development and Scrubs and prefer your comedy a little on the dark side and always loved it when shows would crossover each other like when Mrs. Garrett left Arnold to run a girls school or when the Globetrotters ended up on both Gilligan’s Island and Scooby Doo, then this is the movie for you." It's definitely the movie for me, then.

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