Monday, April 16, 2007

Links du Jour: Wonder Woman's milkshake, Black Canary's new writer, and the real Mary Marvel

  • "'What is your calling,' she queried, bustily?" The Eye of Argon (aka, the worst piece of fiction ever published) is now available to read online. You'd expect to pay top dollar for entertainment this hilarious, but no, it's free.
  • Inspired by a recent gag in a Wonder Woman comic, Every Day Is Like Wednesday is looking for recipes for Wonder Woman and Black Canary milkshakes (Kelis jokes are no longer fashionable, by the way). There are some good suggestions in the Comments section at Comics Worth Reading.
  • In regards to an earlier post that Wonder Woman needs some help, I already mentioned on Friday that Gail Simone is going to be writing that comic soon, but it's such good news that I'm repeating it here. She'll start with issue #13 and go for the forseeable future. And she promises that on page three, Wonder Woman punches a monkey off a waterfall. Don't you want to hug her? Also, the art team hasn't been announced yet, but according to Simone, "If the readers all made a list of who the best possible Wonder Woman art team would be, I bet this would be the number one choice." I find that hard to believe because Adam Hughes doesn't do monthly books, but I'm eager to find out who she means.
  • Speaking of chararacters who've been made cooler by Gail Simone: Black Canary is getting her own mini-series by Tony Bedard and Paulo Sequeira. It's cool that the mini-series was originally conceived as a Year One companion piece to the new Green Arrow: Year One mini-series DC's doing, but was switched to a current-day story thanks to the wealth of contemporary material that Gail Simone gave the creators to work with when she wrote Black Canary in Birds of Prey.
  • There's a real person named Mary Marvel. I wonder if it's a coincidence or if she just had the coolest parents ever.

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