Thursday, April 19, 2007

Meet Michael May!: MicroCon 2007

Grant Gould and MeJust because I'm not on the website, doesn't mean I won't be at MicroCon on April 29th. They take it for granted that I'll be there. And of course they should. You should too.

I'm an institution I tells ya!

So anyway... yeah, I'll be there hanging out with Alex Ness and Joel Vollmer, aka the rest of the Dust to Dust team. Also, my perennial convention pals Grant Gould, Jessica Hickman, Darla Ecklund, and Paul Taylor.

I've been too busy working on new projects to put together the Art of the Cownt book that I've been meaning to do, but I'll try to have some other Cownt merchandise to sell. Definitely some prints; maybe a mousepad or two. And of course, Tales from the Inner Sanctum. Oh, and I'll be carrying around the inked pages from Kill All Monsters! #1, so ask to see those. They're beeyooteefull!

1 comment:

Grant Gould said...

sup, sexy... you can use my microcon banner if ya want... can't wait to swap smooches with ya next week. :)


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