Thursday, October 06, 2005

That's News to Me

Trying to think of some ways to improve Comic World News.

Got a couple of ideas in the works, but the first thing I'm doing is giving myself a column. I'd resisted that idea, thinking that whatever I had to say could be said in the weekly CWN newsletter. The problem with that thinking though is that it makes the newsletter the destination, not the site. I'm thinking now that the newsletter ought to just tease readers into visiting the site and that if I want to comment on comics-related stuff, I should be doing it in a real column.

A while back, CWN's Columns Editor Shawn Hoke and I talked about starting a weekly comics news wrap-up column that talked about the big stories of the week with commentary. We never thought of a great person to write it though and the idea fell by the side of the road. I'm resurrecting it and making it my column, which we'll be calling "That's News to Me" with apologies to Kevin Nealon.

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