Friday, October 07, 2005

FallCon: Day -1

Grant and I helped set up for the convention last night and, like the primadonnas we are, asked the convention coordinators to move around seating to suit our pleasure. As a result, I'm now sharing a table with buddy Alex Ness and our table will be right next to Grant's, whose will be next to a table with Jess and Darla. And we're all within note-passing distance of Adam Hughes.

The gang's all here.

I also noticed that Jennifer has a table assigned already and that there are plenty of spare tables available for Andrew, so no one will need to be crowded.

Got home last night and Diane was making Cownt tails that you can clip onto your pants. It's a variation on the monkey and lion tails she made for David to wear and play with. I'll have a couple (Collectors Items!) to sell at the con.

Tonight, the convention staff are hosting a night of bowling and pizza for the creators. I'm a terrible bowler, but I love to do it. Should be a blast.

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