Tuesday, October 04, 2005

More "Cold" Feedback

Starting to get some more comments on "Completely Cold."

One of the members of Steve Niles's forum gave me a nice quotable review: "It's ten minutes of your life you will not want back."

My friend Shara, who's always been very candid with her comments when she's proofread my stuff, liked it and said that it deserved to be published. You don't know Shara, but that's high praise from her.

And Jason Copland told me it's "excellent" and "very visual," which is cool because I think visually when I'm writing and it's nice to know that translates into images forming in the reader's mind.

1 comment:

Jason Copland said...

Don't listen to that Jason guy.... he doesn't know what he's .....talking......about....?

Hey.....Wait a minute.......


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