Thursday, October 27, 2005

Salome: Conan and the Gates of Paradise

Forgot to mention that I've got a new Shake It, Salome up about Conan #3-6, much to the chagrin of some members of the Robert E. Howard Yahoo! group.

I actually support the second guy's right to disrespect any Conan material not written by Howard. The guy's a Howard fan and that's cool. I'm a Conan fan, and -- whether it's cool with this fellow or not -- that's not going to change. The first Conan story I ever read was written by someone other than Howard, so I guess I'm tainted.

What's funny though is the first dude's assertion that I've been "co-opted" by Dark Horse. As if I'm somehow on their payroll because I like their comics. I wish.


Anonymous said...

Mr. I can link to sites you need to be a member of. Ha!

And I know Dark Horse is paying you. It's to stop writing that darned Jek Porkins fan-fic isn't it?? HAHAHAHAHAH

Michael May said...

Apparently they draw the line at Porkins/Uncle Owen slash. Who knew?

alex-ness said...

Howard alone is far far better than Howard + others.

Conan by Howard is probably better than others but they remain good.

Am I being a wishy washy person? No. Conan is a character with unlimited potential and numerous people who have written his tales. REHoward however wrote a finite number of great Conan tales. So if we are to enjoy more, we have to write more.

Some people are purists and I think that that is fine. I certainly would not debate the issue of Howard wrote the best Conan. But there is still great stuff to be written. AND HOWARD IS DEAD.


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