Friday, July 23, 2010

Art Show: He's Worth a Lot More to Me Played With

Monkey Island

By Otis Frampton.

Under the Sea

By Nino Carbe. [The Comics Reporter]

Oil Spill Aquaman

By Kate Beaton. You should hit that link and read the cartoon about the jester too. That one makes me LOL every time I read it.

After the break: Jack Torrance arrives at the Overlook Hotel and meets Wonder Woman, Isis, Cleo, Bender, Mysta of the Moon, and Buzz Fettyear.

The Shining

By Carlos Ramos. [/Film]

Wonder Woman

By JH Williams III [Robot 6]

Oh Mighty Isis!

By Gene Gonzales.

Cleopatra in Space

By Mike Maihack.

If Miyazaki Directed Futurama

By Boulet. [/Film]

Mysta of the Moon

By Joe Doolin. [Sleestak has a ton of these covers at his Flickr account.]

Buzz Fettyear

By Sillof, who's created mash-ups of lots of other Pixar and Star Wars characters too.
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