Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TV Tuesday: House, Chuck, and Castle

Could be some SPOILERS BELOW if you're not caught up on your TV.


I just today realized why it is that I've been cold towards Thirteen. It's not because she's a rather cold character herself. It's because she's not Cameron.


NBC's suffering is my good news. They're doing so crappy in the ratings that they may be forced not only to air this season of Chuck earlier than originally planned, but to order more episodes as well.


More good news! Castle's been picked up for the full season.

I've totally been sucked into this show. In last night's episode, when Castle was trying to decide whether to keep his current gig or run off to write James Bond novels, I was so into it that I temporarily, but completely forgot that one of those choices would end the show and so was never a real option. I was a little disappointed at the agent ex machina resolution to the dilemma, but really... whatever keeps Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic doing scenes together.

Also, have you seen Castle's Halloween costume for next week? Yet more proof that Nathan Fillion is the Most Awesome Man Alive.

As if this picture wasn't enough:

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