Saturday, October 31, 2009

Robot 666

This week was a lot of fun at Robot 6. We became Robot 666 for the duration and had lots of Horror-related posts. All the regular columns took on a Halloween theme including Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs.

I talked about M. Alice LeGrow's goth ghost-story Bizenghast. I love atmospheric goth stuff when it's done well, so I'd hoped to be able to excitedly recommend this as a great Halloween book. Unfortunately, the story spends too much time on short, easily resolved episodes and not enough time on the psychological horror and drama it promises in its first pages. It is full of great, moody settings though.

My other contribution this week was to the Six by 6 feature in which Robot 6 picks six favorites of some comics-related thing and talks about them. This week the topics were all horror-related and we did it six times, so: Six by 6 by 6.

Mine - since I've had the Cownt on my mind a lot lately - was Six Funny Horror Comics.

I'll send you to the post to see the write-ups, but the list was:

1. The Work of Charles Addams
2. Casper the Friendly Ghost
3. The Cryptics
4. Boneyard
5. The Goon
6. Arsenic Lullabies
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