Monday, March 29, 2021

AfterLUNCH | Mystery Movie Night - Planes, Puns, and Paramedics

Mystery Movie Night moves to AfterLUNCH! For this inaugural episode on the new feed, Evan picked Empire of the Sun (1987), Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003), and Sacro Gra (2013). 

A reminder for listeners who haven't seen all the movies and want to avoid spoilers, here are the time stamps for each review, including the guessing part in case you want to skip straight to that: 

00:05:37 - Review of Empire of the Sun (1987) 
00:23:18 - Review of Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003) 
00:36:32 - Review of Sacro Gra (2013)
00:49:49 - Guessing the Connection 


Anonymous said...

Mr May, I have just read your review of TROY and was very pleased to see that it was a positive one - I would have liked stronger hints of Olympian meddling, but in all honesty the film is strong enough to work as an Epic even without the occasional nods to Homer (though would have enjoyed seeing the Big Three make Paris' life miserable in their own inimitable style, not least because it would have been a Golden Opportunity to add a little more oestrogen to the cast AND let Hera, Athena & Venus stand out from under the looming shadow of Zeus et al).

One of my strongest lingering impressions from this film was that Brad Pitt movies are much improved when he's given chances to be the deadliest mother-lover onscreen (c.f. LEGENDS OF THE FALL as Exhibit B in this case): even years later his Achilles remains something of a golden standard for depicting the character's storied lethality.

It's also struck me as amusing to try and decide whether an adaptation's Helen represents the director or the casting director's ideal of Beauty, but that's by the way - Ms. Diane Kruger would definitely get ME on a boat to almost any given destination! (-;

Michael May said...

I think you're onto something re: Brad Pitt. That might be why Troy and Legends of the Fall are my favorite roles of his.

I agree that Kruger is an effective Face That Launched a Thousand Ships, but I also dig that Troy humanizes her and Paris in a way I'd never seen before. Instead of just two dudes fighting over a one-dimensional object of beauty, the movie has a relationship I can believe in and gives her a convincing reason to leave Menelaus.


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