Monday, April 05, 2021

AfterLUNCH | Making Muppet Movies

Rob and I steal a popular Twitter meme with the help of both fresh and familiar voices. My college pal Faith Regn makes her podcast debut alongside our good friend Kay and the Muppetational return of Carlin Trammel! Our sensational, inspirational, celebrational panel creates five new Muppet movies by picking existing non-Muppet films, keeping one or two human actors, and replacing the rest of the cast with Muppets. Tune in for new Muppet capers and mysteries and maybe even some Muppets in space. 


Anonymous said...

Please, please tell me that some kind genius raised the idea of a MUPPET DRACULA - is it so or am I the only mind mad enough to contemplate such a product of deranged imagination?

Michael May said...

Oof. I am horrified to report that no one thought of that bit of genius.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness, there is at least one Serious issue involved with such an adaptation - how do we get Count Von Count to play Van Helsing? (Von Count is, after all, a Gentleman and a Man of Science - who could possibly be better qualified to play the World's Greatest Expert on hunting vampires?)


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