Monday, March 15, 2021

AfterLUNCH | Enterprise, Season 1

Having discussed humanity's first contact with the Vulcans, our Star Trek Trek panel reconvenes to talk about the souring of that relationship and how it affects Earth's first human-populated mission into deep space. Delaney, Evan, Rob, and I talk about how the first season of Enterprise fits into continuity while also getting around to what we think of the various characters and episodes. 


Anonymous said...

Aaah ENTERPRISE, the STAR TREK series I quite like and almost everyone else seems to rate as warmly as a steerage-class cruise on the RMS TITANIC; honestly, the poor cast are probably due a cameo in STRANGE NEW WORLDS by now (I'd love to see T'Pol's perspective on Mister Spock, if nothing else).

Admittedly I'm the sort of fan who would love to see Mr Zachary Quinto appear as Sybock of Vulcan opposite Mr Ethan Peck's Mr Spock, so my judgment may not be the most trustworthy (If nothing else his Messiah complex and apparently complete disinterest in following the Way of Surak make him a potentially-fascinating character, even if neither Spock nor Michael Burnham make an appearance).

Michael May said...

The first season is bumpy for me. The first couple of episodes are good, followed by a few mediocre ones, then a pretty great one with "The Andorian Incident," then some more mediocre ones. I do feel like it's settling into the characters nicely by the end of the season though. At least the characters it's decided it cares about.

I enjoyed Season 2 even more and was just getting into Season 3 when I had to start over for this podcast project. But I've seen scattered episodes from 3 and 4 and quite liked them.


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