Tuesday, January 07, 2020

56 Movies I Missed from 2019 (Part 2)

12. The Vast of Night

I don't know any of the filmmakers, but this scifi thriller about a couple of kids looking for the source of a mysterious frequency in New Mexico got good reviews.

13. Them That Follow

Religious snake-handling is a fascinating subject, but mostly I'm attracted to the rural Appalachia setting. And Walton Goggins.

14. Official Secrets

Keira Knightley always trips my radar. I didn't rush to the theater to see Official Secrets because it felt like other films I've seen before (and recently), but reviews and online buzz are good.

15. Words from a Bear

As I continue learning more about American Indian culture, this documentary about Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Navarro Scott Momaday (he won for House Made of Dawn in 1969) is something I want to see.

16. Troop Zero

I'm guessing that Jim Gaffigan is what initially caught my attention, but I'm all for a movie about empowering young, misfit girls.

17. Knives and Skin

Teen Noir. Maybe I'll watch this as a double-feature with Brick.

18. Booksmart

Teen comedy about empowered girls. Got all the good reviews.

19. Superpower Dogs

My wife and son love dogs, so I keep putting dog movies on our family list. I'm going to learn my lesson one of these days, but this one's a documentary and not a dumb comedy, so it probably won't be the one that breaks me.

20. Love Is Blind

It has Matthew Broderick, but that's not an instant draw for me. I think it was just the wacko plot that grabbed me. It's about a woman who literally cannot see the physical presence of her mother, so her therapist has her spend time with a dude whom she also cannot see, but who has fallen in love with her.

21. Missing Link 

I like those Laika movies and I like adventure stories about big, hairy, ape-people.

22. Plus One

I'm a sucker for wedding comedies.

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