Saturday, December 15, 2018

Sleigh Bell Cinema | Home Alone (1990)

I'm joined by my son and frequent podcasting co-host David May (Dragonfly Ripple, Mystery Movie Night, Thundarr Road, 'Casting Off) to talk about the film that made a star of Macaulay Culkin and signaled the end of John Hughes' reign as the King of Teen. Is Home Alone just slapstick shenanigans or something more?


Caffeinated Joe said...

Fun movie! Can't wait to hear what you guys think. :)

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I'm taken aback by this poster. I'm so used to seeing the one that has the close up on Kevin's face that was probably used for the video that I have never seen this before.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Looking back this movie probably was quite the risk. A movie were an eight year is the star of the whole movie would an incredible expense and difficult to market to a wide audience, even with a great child actor, which they were fortunate enough to get.

Against all odd it was incredibly successful at the box office and there was a trend of "smart kid" movies that definitely took their influence from here.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Oh man, there was only a two month difference in release between Goodfellas and this! Good year for Joe Pesci!

Michael May said...

Yeah! And it's the year after Lethal Weapon 2, which was his breakout hit.


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