Friday, December 14, 2018

Dragonfly Ripple | Jessica Jones: Season 1

David and I talk about the dark and hard-to-watch first season of Jessica Jones.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I have trouble keeping up with TV series these days but Jessica Jones is the Marvel Netflix series that I've kept up longer than any of the others. I place that squarely on the cast.

Kristen Ritter is rather waifish for the Jessica Jones character (although comics Jessica is a bit older) but the attitude is all there. David Tennant of Doctor Who fame gets to dial up his eccentric behavior. We get a taste of the Marvel Cinema Method here introducing Luke Cage who would spin off into his own show later.

Malcolm is played by Eka Darville who I had previously known as the Red Ranger in the 2009 season of Power Rangers. In fact, appearing Jessica Jones prevented him from appearing in a Power Rangers anniversary special. He did dub in dialogue for it, but his character awkwardly never takes off his helmet. Given the chops he shows in Jessica Jones its no wonder he was a fan favorite in that series who had to come back even if the actor couldn't make it!

Michael May said...

That's cool about the Red Ranger. I like Malcolm so much that it almost makes me want to see the actor fight cheesy monsters with bad kung fu.


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