Monday, December 31, 2018

Hellbent for Letterbox | Open Range (2003)

This Kevin Costner/Robert Duvall classic is easily the most requested movie that listeners have asked us to cover, so Pax and I finally hit the Open Range. Also: Pony Express brings talk of a Western Christmas Carol, the real-life history behind The Night Riders, and the 2003 TV show Peacemakers. And we share some cool, Western comics: El Mestizo and Bat Lash.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

This poster looks like its promoting a horror movie instead of a western!

I remember seeing Open Range in my high school film studies class bundled alongside Butch and Sundance, High Noon, a few silent westerns and two or three John Wayne vehicles. Rather surprising given how recent this would have been from its release, only about three years.

Open Range is a favorite of Scott Johnson, the host of the podcast "Film Sack", I'll have to send him a link.

Thanks for covering my tweet about "Christmas Carol in the West!". Originally I was going to just send a trailer, but YouTube only had uploads of the entire film, no short clips or anything like that. I guess thats how you preserve a 30 year old TV movie in today's streaming culture.

I found it while working on notes for our Christmas Carol coverage on Mystery Movie Night on some imitation BuzzFeed style site with a clickbait title of Weirdest Adaptations of a Christmas Carol, something like that.

Given the combination of Christmas Carol and the Old West I'd have thought be right up your alley Michael!

Michael May said...

And you thought right! I'm looking forward to including it in my Christmas viewing this year.


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