Tuesday, December 11, 2018

“I Was a Boy Here!” | Scrooge McDuck (1983)

Like The Stingiest Man in Town, Mickey's Christmas Carol also includes a flying scene, but Christmas Past bypasses the school and takes Scrooge's right to Fezziwig's.

The Spirit does get in a cute line though. When Scrooge expresses fear, Past says, "I thought you enjoyed looking down on the world."


Caffeinated Joe said...

Burn from the Spirit!

Weird that this version also skips the scene. Wonder if in deciding what to leave out, they had watched the previous cartoon and felt it was okay to skip.

Michael May said...

I suspect it's just an easy scene to cut if you're condensing/abridging the story. The tragic romance angle later on is probably easier to tie to Scrooge's current, miserable state. And Fezziwig's party repeats some of the work this scene does in giving Scrooge some pleasant memories of Christmas. I guess if I was going to cut a scene from Past, this is the one I'd choose, too.


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