Monday, August 23, 2010

Art Show: Would Someone Get This Big, Dapper Carpet Out of My Way?

A Journey to the Center of the Earth

Artist Unknown. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories, who's got a ton of other great Classics Illustrated covers in the same post. Seriously, if you only click through one link today, this should be the one.]

Hawaiian Dancer

By Katie Shanahan. I just fell in love with her stuff a few days ago, so this post is going to be a bit Shanahan-centric.

Best Friends

By Hannah Christenson. [Art Jumble]

After the break: Batman, a warrior woman, Thor and Co., the Hulk, Daisy Kutter, Steampunk Star Wars, and Fett... Boba Fett.

Daughter of the Demon

By Neal Adams. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Warrior Princess

By Katie Shanahan.

Tales of Asgard

By Olivier Coipel. [Giant-Size Marvel. As with all Art Show items, but especially with this one, click the pic to dei-size.]

Take it as it comes

By Tony Semedo.

Daisy Kutter

By Katie Shanahan. [If you haven't read Kazu Kibuishi's Daisy Kutter, you really should. It's a great Space Western.

Victorian Star Wars

By Greg Peltz.

Carbonite is Forever

By Cliff Chiang. [I think I may have mentioned this one before, but it's good enough to share again.]

1 comment:

Ken O said...

There were selling prints of the Carbonite is Forver piece at Celebration V. I might have been tempted if I wasn't drooling over Eric Tan's Temple of Doom poster.


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