Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ben Caldwell's Wonder Woman Manga Pitch Revealed! Mostly.

Ben Caldwell has shared more of his Wonder Woman manga pitch. It's absolutely brilliant, emphasizing both the success of the digest format with younger readers as well as the type of Wonder Woman stories those readers would be interested in.

But it wouldn't just be for Young Adults. It's been a while since I've been in that demographic, but I'd also love to read a story where a young Amazon warrior comes to America and learns to "balance the sometimes conflicting demands of love, friendship, and duty" (as personified by her best friend, "loyal but irresponsible Etta Candy," and the romantic triangle between Diana, "All-American" Steve Trevor, and "brooding playboy" Bruce Wayne. And there would be "ectoplasmic assassin cults," "ancient Olympian curses," and international intrigue. I'd be surprised to hear that DC chooses to publish it, but it would be a very pleasant surprise.

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