Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Favorite Memory

Continuing to work my way through Calvin's list, I've had a hard time with this item. I have a lot of favorite memories. I mean, even if I could get them narrowed down to just two: how am I going to choose between my wedding day and the birth of my son?

And even if I could somehow eliminate the wedding (which I can't), David's birth still doesn't feel like a fair choice. Why would that be a better memory than our trip with him to Disney World as an infant when he wore a cute little lion costume to Animal Kingdom? Or his first birthday when he devoured his first cake and then rolled up the paper plate and tried to eat that too? Or preschool days when I would draw his favorite dinosaur on his lunch bags? Or any of the many, many bedtime comics we've read together? Or the times we've spent playing Fossil Fighter on his DS? Or how fun it's been introducing him to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings? Why not the time I'm about to spend with him tonight; tucking him in and snuggling a bit before lights out?

The thing is, I don't choose to view life as a collection of memories where I have to pick out favorites to dwell on. This might sound cheesy (and I hope it's not preachy), but every new moment is a new memory and I'd much rather have that one be my favorite than to be nostalgic for days past. I love remembering good times, but never as much as I enjoy whatever's going on right now.

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Wings1295 said...

Not cheesy, at all. Just very true!


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