Saturday, August 21, 2010

Art Show: No jacket, Adam. You didn’t think it through did you?

Pirate Girl

By Katie Shanahan. [Art Jumble]

Undersea Agent

By Gil Kane. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

It's Valkyrie, Airboy!

By Fred Kida. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

After the break: Sandmen, Shang Chi and Friends, Wonder Woman, magic, creeps, and a space barbarian.


By Evan "Doc" Shaner. [Comic Twart]

Secret Avengers

By Mike Deodato, Jr. [Comic Book Resources]

Wonder Woman

By Mike Kretz. [Pink of the Ink]

By Adam Hughes. [Bleeding Cool]


By Wendi Chen. [Art Jumble]

Creepy Friends

By Fossfor. [Art Jumble]

Interplanetary Warrior

By Jim Steranko. [Giant-Size Geek]

1 comment:

Ken O said...

The Mike Kretz Wonder Woman is stunning. And I love, love, love the Sandmen.


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