Monday, August 02, 2010

Art Show: Was He Beast... Man... or Vampire?

Baby Aquaman

By Oliver Nome. [Justice League Detroit]

Luthor vs. Grodd!

By David Finch. [Illustrateurs]

Fire Monster Approaching!

By Scott Willis, Kevin Dart, and Joseph Holt. [Concept art for Genndy Tartakovsky's new giant monsters vs giant robots show Sym-bionic Titan.]

After the break: The Rocketeer, Assassin's Creed, Nick Fury, Black Widow, the ladies of Marvel, the Hulk, and the Son of Dracul.

The Rocketeer to the Rescue!

By Cliff Chiang.

Nikolai the Assassin

By Cameron Stewart.

Nicholas the Fury

By Chris Samnee.

Black Widow and Pepper Potts...

By Meagan Vanburkleo and Ashley Hay.

...and Friends

By Bruce Timm.


By Geo. [Kirby-Vision]


Artist Unknown. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


Wings1295 said...

Fun stuff, as usual! Love the Aquababy!

Ken O said...

I love when Grodd isn't drawn wearing all sorts of robes and stuff. Kolins always nailed the savage look.

Michael May said...

I agree. The last thing I giant talking gorilla-villain needs is to look like a priest.


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