Monday, August 16, 2010

Art Show: Destroy This Mad Brute


By Carla Wyzgala. [Girls Drawing Girls]

The Toronto Roller Derby

By Vince Chui. [Art Jumble]

Black Canary

By Joe Quinones. [Project: Rooftop]

After the break: bats, Snowbird, Frankenstein, Scud the Atomic Hellwretch, DC fliers, Saturn Girl, and a crocodalien.


By Michele Legendre. Lots more cool, handmade plushies at that link, including a wolf-man and Appa from The Last Airbender.


By Jason Copland.


By Andy Kuhn. [Comic Twart]

Fantastic Four

By Ryan Cody.

Superman with the World's Greatest Flying Heroes

By Neal Adams. [Photon Torpedoes]

'70s Saturn Girl

By Jim Lee. [Photon Torpedoes]

Thule Alien

By Kyle Latino.


Darius Whiteplume said...

Cool stuff. Love the Roller Derby flier.

Ken O said...

OK so in the Fantastic Four one, it is Hellboy, Robo, and Skud. Who is the fourth?

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Ken O - is it the vampire from "Legacy of Kain: Soul Raver" perhaps? here

Michael May said...

It's Phil Hester's The Wretch.

Here's a review I wrote about it once, if you're interested:


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