Thursday, March 19, 2009

That'll be the end of Aquaman!

Your 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Picture of the Week

By Alphonse de Neuville.

Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus

Sounds awesome, right? Fooled you. It's an Asylum movie. If only those guys would spend some money, they'd be the most awesome studio in the world.

Mysterious Travels

New Line and Walden Media are working on a sequel to the Brendan Fraser version of Journey to the Center of the Earth and it sounds a lot better than the first one. I liked Fraser's Journey okay, which is to say that I didn't hate it nearly as much as I thought I would. The characters were all likeable and the story didn't drag as much as a movie based on a Verne novel has a right to.

But for the sequel, they're going with a whole new story in which Fraser and his nephew try to find the island that inspired Verne's Mysterious Island, Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels, and Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. Sounds Awesome.

Whale House

By Scott Campbell. Click that link to see details that you can't make out here. Details like squid-people, shark-people, skeleton-pirates, and the giant robot that helps you put on your diver's suit.

Professor Calculus’ Shark Sub

What's cooler than the shark-submarine from Tintin comics? That someone made a real one based on it.

Pirate Puppies

By Harry Roundtree.

Aquaman's Weakness

In talking about the Aquaman Problem here, I've been forgetting something that really does contribute to the perception that Aquaman's lame. I don't know if this is still a problem for the character in modern continuity, but back in the day they gave him a lame weakness where he could only be out of the water for an hour at a time. That's dumb.

I understand why Superman needed kryptonite to keep him interesting. When you've got a character that powerful, you need a way for him to be threatened every now and then. Of course, the downside to that is that kryptonite becomes overused. Just like every single Green Lantern story featured some kind of powerful, yellow weapon because Green Lantern's ring doesn't work on yellow. The coincidences became laughable.

But Aquaman was never so powerful that he needed a built-in weakness like that. All it accomplished was making sure that he got sidelined even more often in Justice League adventures. I'm guessing that DC realized a long time ago that they needed to get rid of that. If they haven't, they should.

The future of Aquaman

The Aquaman Shrine picked up on some news that I missed. Apparently, the Aquaman seen in one panel of Final Crisis wasn't the real Aquaman at all, but an alternate universe version. Yawn.

More cool is the report from WonderCon that Brian Azzarello has a continuity-free Aquaman story he's ready to tell.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

So you are saying that I wouldn't enjoy a movie starring Lorenzo Lamas and Debbie Gibson (THE Debbie Gibson???) where a shark beats up on my most hated sea creature the Octopus? What a gyp...

snell said...

The worst part of Aquaman's can't be out of water for more than an hour" was the odd insistence of the writers that it always meant exactly one hour. Not an hour and ten minutes if he'd quaffed a lot of beverage that day, or 57 minutes if it were particularly hot. Nope, it always had to be exactly one hour...

Michael May said...

@Calvin: See? You'd think that would be fanTAStic, right? But - if the other Asylum films I've seen are any indication - the script will be boring, the actors will be unconvincing, and the special effects will be just this side of 1992.

Michael May said...

@snell: Ha! I hadn't even thought of that. You're right. It's so much worse than I even realized. :D


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