Tuesday, March 03, 2009

That Kate Bishop girl

Some good news for fans of the Kate Bishop Hawkeye. Maybe.

You have to squint your eyes really hard, read between the lines, and hope your little heart out, but it looks like maybe Marvel just might be letting Kate defend her title as Hawkeye from Bullseye after all.

First we have this scene from New Avengers #50 letting us know that yes, someone remembers there's another Hawkeye running around out there besides the Dark one.

Thanks to Lady, That's My Skull for that scan. And you simply must click there to see why he posted it and what he does with it. It's even more hilarious than Mockingbird and Ms. Marvel's poses - though related to them - and that's saying something.

Anyway, if you take that meager acknowledgment and marry it with this statement from a recent interview with Dark Reign: Hawkeye writer Andy Diggle...
NRAMA: With Bullseye posing as Hawkeye—a showdown between these two weaponry experts can't be far off, can it?

AD: You'll be seeing Bullseye versus Hawkeye, but maybe not the way you expect.
...you could maybe just possibly be excused for getting your hopes up that the Hawkeye Diggle's talking about isn't Clint Barton. Hmm?

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