Saturday, March 21, 2009

Barren Rock-Planet of the Week

So, who should be the new Invisible Woman?

20th Century Fox is apparently considering a reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise that's more in keeping with the tone of the other Marvel movies. That's excellent news, especially if it means a CGI Thing and not another rubber suit. And maybe a Doctor Doom that could actually threaten a three-year-old? And as long as we're hoping, how about a Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman we can take seriously? In fact, the only thing I liked about the first movies was Chris Evans as the Human Torch. It's a shame to have to give him up.

As long as we're dreaming, who should play the new FF? Who should be the first villain? Doom again or someone new?

Speaking of ill-considered choices for super-hero movies

Anyone remember back in the '80s when there was talk of a She-Hulk movie starring then-popular Brigitte Nielsen? Universal Dork found a publicity photo.

She doesn't look half-bad, but considering how badly Hollywood loved to screw around with the source material back then, I'm thinking we probably still dodged a bullet with that one.

Live-action Star Wars TV show moving forward

Sounds like casting has begun. In spite of my general tiredness of Star Wars, I'm looking forward to seeing this. The reason I can't even get into Clone Wars - though the few episodes I watched had some fun plots - is because I'm so bored with those particular characters and settings. I haven't felt like I was exploring anything new in the Star Wars Universe for a long time. It's just revisiting Coruscant and Tatooine and the Barren Rock-Planet of the Week for the umpteenth time. Hopefully this live-action show will manage to show us some new places and characters.

"Empire of Evil"

By Robert Gibson Jones.

Dinosaurs in Space

By Dick Giordano.


Anonymous said...

wow this is good news-a fantastic four re-boot! i was not a fan of any of the 3 movies made! I am not so sure about a cg Thing. How about a suit that actually looks like rock this time?

West said...

Grr @ dissing the movie FF.

How can we not show love to the Silver Surfer? Bah! *pouts in corner*

Michael May said...

I'll gladly concede that point. They did right by Human Torch AND the Silver Surfer.

Galactus: no.


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