Thursday, March 19, 2009

Uncanny Alpha Flight?

You all know by now to completely ignore any prediction of schedule I may offer, right? Okay, good.

If you've been reading Uncanny X-Men, you know that Alpha Flight's Madison Jeffries (aka Box) has been in the last couple of issues. I'm always happy to see Alphans pop up in comics, even if it's not an Alpha Flight one, but I'd be even happier to see one of the original team members show up.

I missed this at the time, but Matt Fraction gives me hope that I might be seeing something like that. When asked at New York Comic Con if there were any plans for Omega Flight (Alpha's legacy team), Fraction said to keep reading Uncanny. And so I will.

I'd love to see Sasquatch join the X-Men. He rocks.

(Yes, I am truly sorry for that.)

(Not really.)

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