Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Complete Rocketeer

Finally! I've been dying a slow death for years from wanting to read Dave Stevens' The Rocketeer and not being able to. It hurt to know that the classic, gorgeously illustrated series was not only uncollected as a single volume, but that most of the scattered pieces were also out of print. And now, at last, the good folks at IDW have come to the rescue.

If you're not familiar with The Rocketeer - or only know about it through the good-but-could've-been-a-lot-better movie - Jog's got everything you need to know. Actually, even if you already know about it you probably don't know as much as Jog. It's a great, deep article.


West said...

I first heard of the character when the movie debuted. I had no idea it was based on a comic (at the time). I've had no other exposure to it. Congrats on finally getting what you wanted.

Tanner said...

That's awesome news, Michael; thanks for sharing it! I've long hoped for that too. I've read scraps of The Rocketeer here and there, but it will be so much better to have it all together in one place. Gotta disagree about the movie not being as good as it could have been though... I LOVE IT!

Michael May said...

I definitely need to see it again. I saw it before I became a Jennifer Connelly fan and I couldn't help but compare her negatively to Bettie Page. I'm sure I'd like it better today, I just don't know how much better I'd like it.


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