Sunday, March 22, 2009

Music Meme: 1985

Continuing my list of favorite albums from every year I've been alive.


a-ha: Hunting High and Low

Okay, guys, you cannot imagine how close this one came between this and Crush by Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark. I actually had the word "TIE" written in this post at one point, but decided that a-ha takes it for a couple of reasons.

First, while I really liked all of Crush, my lust for the album is based solely on "So In Love," which was my anthem for most of the year. Second, though I like other OMD albums, I don't love them nearly as much as the body of a-ha's work.

I know. You're surprised that a-ha has a body of work. Most people think of them as a one-hit wonder, but that's because they're not remembering "The Sun Always Shines on TV," "I've Been Losing You," "Cry Wolf," or especially the theme to the James Bond movie The Living Daylights. The band's got eight albums though (the most recent one I just now found out about while writing this) with a ninth one scheduled for this year. I've only got the first seven of them so far, but those are all excellent.

Still, for better or for worse, there's one song that a-ha will always be known for. And probably for very good reason.

Runners up:
Arcadia: So Red the Rose
Dead or Alive: Youthquake
Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms
Heart: Heart
Mr. Mister: Welcome to the Real World
Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark: Crush
Prince: Around the World in a Day
Simple Minds: Once Upon a Time
Simply Red: Picture Book
Sting: The Dream of the Blue Turtles
Tears for Fears: Songs from the Big Chair
Thompson Twins: Here's to Future Days
U2: Wide Awake in America
"Weird Al" Yankovic: Dare to Be Stupid

Baltimora: "Tarzan Boy"
Big Audio Dynamite: "The Bottom Line"
Kate Bush: "Running Up That Hill"
Phil Collins: "Take Me Home"
Duran Duran: "A View to a Kill"
Eurythmics: "Would I Lie to You"
Falco: "Rock Me Amadeus"
The Firm: "Radioactive"
Jan Hammer: "Miami Vice Theme"
Elton John: "Nikita"
Elton John: "Wrap Her Up"
Howard Jones: "No One is to Blame"
Howard Jones: "Things Can Only Get Better"
Level 42: "Something About You"
Madonna: "Material Girl"
Eddie Murphy: "Party All the Time"
Simple Minds: "Don't You (Forget About Me)"
Starship: "Sara"

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Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Oh boy...just when I thought there couldn't be a better year to remember the music - as cool as the Ah-ha video was for a fanboy we actually created another one using our star wars action figures where Luke (with his new jedi vocal powers) saves a space princess that just happened to look like Leia.

When I DJ'd I wore out that Dead or Alive album and who still doesnt tell their sweetie 'that she spins me right round baby, right round like a record baby, right round round round?'

Their is a comercial for Toyota that shows german engineers on a test track belting out Falco's Rock me Amadeus which rivals 99 Red Balloons for the biggest European hit ever...we did the same but were of course not german engineers...but we did steal the guys big puffy hat at Wendy's drive thru one Saturday night and drive off to the thumping beat of Falco...thanks again Brother May for the memories - warms my heart


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