Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jungle Batman vs. the Giant Octopus


Rob Hanes Adventures is probably the most under-appreciated indie adventure comic I know. That's partly due to its irregular publishing schedule, but still, I wish more people knew about it because it's a lot of fun. Each issue is self-contained and the concept is flexible enough that cartoonist Randy Reynaldo is able to jump from genre to genre with every story.

Issue #12 - due in July - will be an island adventure. According to Randy, "Rob is hired to extradite a beautiful felon back to the United States from Japan, but becomes stranded alone with her on a desert island after their plane goes down over the Pacific." You can see a preview at Randy's ComicSpace page.

The Adventures of Gabriel Hunt

Hard Case Crime's Gabriel Hunt adventure series is finally kicking off on April 28 with Hunt at the Well of Eternity. According to the snazzy new website, the book takes Hunt to a dungeon in some Mayan ruins to discover "the legendary secret hidden in the rain forest of Guatemala." Excellente.

Jungle Stories

Art by George Gross.

Sheena statue

Coming July 15 from Dark Horse.

The Jungle Batman

Scans_Daily has the whole, wonderful tale. And yes, Jungle Batman fights a giant octopus.

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Paul Allan Ballard said...

Something about Ki-Gor has been in the air lately, he seems to be popping up everywhere.


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