Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MicroCon 2009

Speaking of Jess, I stole this poster from her website. Don't tell.

It's for MicroCon 2009, obviously. The best one-day convention in the world. Jess and I will both be there with some Cownt giveaways if I can get my act together. We'll both be there anyway whether I can get my act together or not.

Okay, that's the last post for today. I had a lot of catching up to do from slacking earlier in the week. Sorry about that.


houseofduck said...

Hey Michael!

If you want to check out the Usagi books you are welcome to borrow any of mine. I have volumes 1 thru 22.

It is seriously my favorite comic. It never fails to disappoint. Stan Sakai is also one of the nicest people in the industry.

West said...

Goodness, that's an incredible poster.

Michael May said...

Ha! I'll certainly grant you that. :)

Michael May said...

@houseofduck: Yes, please! I figure reading Volume 1 is all I need to get me going on the whole thing.

Sort of like pushing a wagon over the top of the hill. It just needs a little nudge and then off it goes. :)

houseofduck said...

If I make it to Microcon I will bring thefirst few books with, If not then I will drop them in the mail or something to get them to you to read.

Michael May said...

I hope you make it. I only get to see you a couple of times a year as it is!

If not, maybe we can hook up for a meal sometime.


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