Saturday, March 14, 2009

H'bleh, my dear Watson

No Quotes of the Week this week. I'm sure people were saying funny and wise things on the Internet, but I was way too busy to read any of them. Hence the sporadic posting too. I'm sorry about that; it just kind of snuck up on me.

In lieu of quotes, how about some monster art?

Monster Holmes

Here's a swell cartoon by Tom Gauld that Chris Mautner found for Robot 6 readers.

If it's a gag, I don't pretend to get it. But I don't have to understand the joke to appreciate seeing Sherlock Holmes as a vampire or a preserved head on a robot body.

Ben Templesmith's Dracula

Ben Templesmith shares some fake covers he made for Dracula and Emma, while also reminding us that he's illustrating a real edition of Dracula for IDW. I can't wait to get that.

In the meantime, I think I'll get me some of those blank cover editions and start taking them to conventions. (Update: Or not, since that's only Penguin UK who sells those and they won't sell them to people in the US.)


West said...

As a Holmes nut, I'm surprised at how amused I was by that strip. Then again, I remember being mildly fond of a Sherlock Holmes cartoon that was set in "the future" (I think Watson was a cyborg).

Hmm. I could see vampirism kind of taking the place of Holmes' opium addiction. Preserved head-Holmes reminds me of the cartoon I mentioned.

I'm a little curious about what could be done with the other two.

Michael May said...

I think I'd be bored by a zombie Holmes story, but mummy Holmes could be fun. It could be set either in Egypt or England. Maybe both. And he could solve supernatural crimes.

Maybe in that version Moriarty is the vampire!

West said...

That idea sounds better than it should. Do this and I'm there.


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