Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Yowza. Grant, you rule.

I realize that I haven't commented yet on the title to the next Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. That's partly because I'm behind on my posting in general, but mostly because what can I say? It's a Fleming title and Hooray for that.

I also like that the movie is a direct sequel to Casino Royale in a way that most Bond movie's aren't to each other. According to one of the big shots at this press conference, Quantum of Solace picks up about an hour after Casino Royale. We're assured that it's not "just a revenge movie" though and I believe them.

After Casino Royale came out I fantasized about how cool it would be if they just went back and remade the rest of Fleming's novels in the order he wrote them. How cool would it be to have a new, serious Live and Let Die follow Casino Royale without Sheriff J.W. Pepper and Rosie Carver, but with a Strangways and Quarrel who would later appear played by the same actors in a Dr. No remake? Imagine Bill Duke or Michael Clarke Duncan as Mr. Big. Or Chow Yun-Fat as Doctor No. I get chills.

The Live and Let Die novel was also a direct sequel to Casino Royale and it was also "not just a revenge tale." But it certainly had that element to it since Bond's enthusiasm for the case shot up dramatically once he learned that Mr. Big was associated with the same guys Vesper had worked for. I'm confident that Quantum of Solace will be able to maintain that same balance between Bond's lust for revenge and an interesting spy story.

Incidently, if you're curious about what exactly the phrase "quantum of solace" means or has to do with the story, the excellent Double O Section blog has the answer.


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