Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Awesome List: Bond news, 100 Million BC, Host prequel, Giant Robot Paper Model, Weta on JLA, and the Shang Chi comic that Isn't

New Bond Girls

The latest couple of Bond girls have been announced. The next Bond film will feature Olga Kurylenko as the female lead. I loved her in Hitman, so that's pretty exciting to me.

What's also exciting is that the movie will be based on another Fleming story. Not a novel, but the short story "Risico." There are some minor spoilers in the link, plus the announcement that Gemma Arterton has also been cast for a secondary role.

100 Million BC

The Asylum, rippers-off extraordinaire that they are, have released a trailer for their 10,000 BC swipe. Thing is, it doesn't look half bad.

Oh, it will be. It just doesn't look it in the trailer.

The Host Prequel

I haven't seen The Host yet. Maybe I'll wait until after I see the prequel.

Giant Robot Paper Model

The things they can do with dead trees these days.

Wonder Woman Justice League Movie Looks Even Better

In spite of having no finalized cast and a stalled script, production on the JLA movie moves forward and is sounding better and better all the time. Weta Workshop is doing the costumes.

Almost Awesome

In a recent email newsletter, Warren Ellis mentioned that he's looking for old Marvel properties to resurrect and talks about some he's already dismissed. He says, "I thought about Shang-Chi for a second, but that book's useless to me without Fu Manchu, and Marvel don't have the Rohmer license anymore."

I sort of agree with him except that people have been figuring out how to do Fu Manchu books without actually calling him Fu Manchu for a while now. It's too bad. I would've loved to have read that.

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