Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Awesome Stuff: Oozing Skull, the real Jurassic Park, a Giant Robot Spider, Fleming's 100th, and more

The Oozing Skull

Cinematic Titanic (aka the original cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000) has their first DVD available to buy. They're calling it The Oozing Skull, but it's really an old grindhouse movie called Brain of Blood. I'm linking to both versions, but c'mon. It's not like there's really any decision to make here.

How do you improve on Jurassic Park?

With a robot Jurassic Park of course. Which is exactly what Dubai is building.

Giant Robot Spider

This is why you shouldn't make fun of geeks. How else are you going to convince them to let you ride in their Giant Robot Spiders?

Happy Centennial, Mr. Fleming

This year is the 100th anniversary of Ian Fleming's birth and Ian Fleming Publications has a whole site devoted to the celebration. (Thanks to The Literary 007 for the tip.)

Tiempos Finales Blog

Sam Hiti has started a new blog dedicated to Tiempos Finales, which he's starting to focus on again.

Wonder Woman movie trailer

I know, I know. It's really for the animated Justice League: The New Frontier DVD, but still. She's in it and the whole thing looks pretty darn cool.

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Anonymous said...

A downside of Sinny Tit's debut being burned-on-demand is that each disc can have an identifiable, unique tracking number hidden on it somewhere. I predict that as soon as the first discs arrive in the mail, it will hit Pirate Bay within hours.

Caution to uploaders: Make a DIVX rip to share. Don't upload a DVD image. That might get you fingered.


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