Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Awesome List: New Wonder Woman artist, Dick Tracy song, Killer movie, and Image Comics for April

New Wonder Woman artist

The Dodsons are leaving Wonder Woman and that's sad news. The good news is that the series looks to be in good hands with Aaron Lopresti.

"The Powerful Fully-Transistorized Dick Tracy Two-Way Wrist Radio"

Coolest song ever? You decide!

Killer movie

An awesome director and one of my favorite actors adapting one of my favorite graphic novels? How did I not know that David Fincher and Brad Pitt are planning to work together on a movie based on Matz's The Killer?

Comics about merpeople, pirates, and Bigfoot

Image Comics has released its solicitations for April and there's some good-looking stuff there.

Aqua Leung is finally coming.

I've loved the Death Dealer series, so I'm ready for more Frazetta-inspired comics. Especially one about a "legendary sea raider... battling his way through an ocean of horror."

The best comic about Bigfoot and a chupacabra hunting monsters finally gets an ongoing series.

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