Friday, January 04, 2008

The Awesome List: Monster Conference Disaster, Bond news, Historic Jack Sparrow, Indiana Jones, and still with the Wonder Woman casting

Monster Conference Ends in Disunity

I don't know how I'm going to be able to blog about anything else today; this is just too upsetting. "The mood of the conference became hostile as soon as the American delegation protested an ambitious program sponsored by the UN which would use funds levied from developed countries to fund giant robot mothras in less-developed regions of the world." Stinkin' Bush administration. We're all going to die.

Is New Bond Novel "Canon?"

The new Bond novel scheduled for May, Devil May Care, has been advertised as a continuation of Fleming's canon, with writer Sebastian Faulks "writing as Ian Fleming." Up until now, non-Fleming Bond books have been set in the present without explaining how Bond has agelessly bridged the time gap between Fleming's last novel and modern times. That's the main reason I lost interest in them, so it's horribly hypocritical of me to snicker even a little at how the continuity cops are already shining their badges in anticipation of a reportedly canonical adventure.

But I have another reason for not wanting to chuckle too loudly at The Literary 007 and that's because I really love the blog. Unfortunately, it's shutting down. It points disappointed readers towards, which is a really excellent and thorough site, but doesn't have an RSS feed that I could find. It may be "the best informed" James Bond website, but it's not easy to follow without actually going there to check for updates every day, which means I'll really be missing Literary 007. It's done too soon.

The Next Bond Villain

The villain for the next Bond movie has been cast and they expect to announce the female lead in a couple of weeks. Also, Jeffrey Wright will return as Felix Leiter, making him only the second actor to play the character twice and the first to do it in back-to-back films.

Yet Even Still More Wonder Woman Casting Nonsense

You know how Megan Gale is absolutely, positively, 100% confirmed to be Wonder Woman in the live-action JLA movie? Maybe not.

I like Eva Green a lot, mainly because she played my favorite literary Bond gal, but I don't get a Wonder Woman vibe from her. Maybe, again, because she played my favorite literary Bond gal and I associate her with Vesper-like characteristics. She's tough, but it's kind of a subtle, smoldering toughness rather than Wonder Woman's obvious, "I'm not messing with her" toughness.

The Historical Jack Sparrow

I was talking with my brother-in-law about National Treasure 2 and how I suspected that the clue-making timeline is probably best not thought about too hard. Which naturally makes me want to not only think about it, but to map it out in detail, just to see for sure. I was hoping someone had done it for me already, but as far as I can tell, no one has.

What some helpful soul has done though is to map out the events of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and match them up with historical ones. And that's pretty cool too.

Indy Covers

As you can see at the top of this post, Indy's on the cover of the latest issue of Vanity Fair. Related: Annie Liebowitz did a photo shoot with the actors and (news to no one) Cate Blanchett looks incredible.

Also, the cover to the comics adaptation has been revealed.


Anonymous said...

The Fly himself, David Hedison, was actually the first actor to portray Felix Leiter more than once. He appeared in Moore's debut, Live and Let Die, and Dalton's swansong, Licence To Kill.

Anonymous said...

Oops- just realized you didn't make a typo about Leiter, I just read your sentence too fast!

My bad.

Michael May said...

No worries. Even if you hadn't commented, I never would've made the connection that he was the Fly. Very cool!


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