Monday, January 14, 2008

Hulk #1

As big a Hulk fan as I am, I wasn't sure I was going to buy Marvel's new Hulk comic. First of all, it features this mysterious, red Hulk instead of the classic, green one that I'm so fond of. It's really not the color that disinterests me as much as the thought that this probably isn't the same character and why would I want to read about an all new Hulk when I like the old one just fine?

Also, though I remember enjoying some of Jeph Loeb's writing on Batman, I haven't liked what I've heard about his time on Supergirl and The Ultimates. I haven't actually read that more recent stuff, so I'm not boycotting him or anything; it's just that his name on a book isn't exactly a selling point for me.

But I did flip through the book in the store and here's why I picked it up:

First, Ed McGuinness is awesome and he draws an awesome She-Hulk. I'm becoming a huge She-Hulk fan anyway, so even if the green Hulk doesn't appear in the book, her being in it makes me want it.

Also, Bruce Banner appears in it and that bodes well that the series will be a continuation of the Hulk's regular adventures and not just some meaningless tangent.

Most importantly though, I bought it for this:

And even more so for this:

I haven't been over to check yet, but I imagine Chris Sims went nuts with joy when he read his copy.


JohnstonCoArts said...

Seeing this post made me think about the new Hulk movie-what do you think of Edward Norton reprising the role of Bruce Banner?

Michael May said...

I love Edward Norton anyway, so I'm all for it. In fact, I like all the casting except for William Hurt as General Ross.

Ross is a boisterous character and Hurt's typically so quiet that I can't imagine a worse choice. I'm withholding judgment until I see it though. Everything else seems so right on...


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