Thursday, January 03, 2008

Awesome Stuff: Shark-Man, Hobbit rumors, When Drive-Ins Attack, Lost Season 4, Crime Wave, and the Hulk movie


Shark-Man #1 comes out tomorrow and I'm really excited about it. I may have mentioned it before. That's the cover for #3 above. Man, I hope the insides are as cool as those covers.

Hobbit Movie Rumors

I try not to speculate on rumors too much, but there's so much going around about the Hobbit movie that I feel like I should at least mention it. Reports are coming in about how Peter Jackson may be producing, but he's definitely not directing, so the speculation is that Sam Raimi will be. And apparently everyone thinks that they're not dividing the story into two movies, but one will be The Hobbit and the other will span the 60 years between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Heidi does a great job of not only collecting the rumors, but analyzing them as well.

When Drive-Ins Attack! has an interview with When Drive-Ins Attack! editor Rich Stahnke. If you don't remember, Jess Hickman and I are contributing a story to that anthology, and the interview includes an illustration of a familiar-looking jungle girl.

Lost Season 4

Crime Wave

The History Channel is running a documentary starting this Sunday called Crime Wave: 18 Months of Mayhem. It's about a spree of robberies, killings, and kidnappings perpetrated by the likes of John Dillinger, Machine Gun Kelly, Baby Face Nelson, and Bonnie and Clyde during an 18-month period from 1933 to 1934.

The Incredible Hulk

Stills have been released from the Incredible Hulk movie and they look great. The Hulk looks awesome and damn if that machine Banner's in doesn't look like an homage to the one in the TV show.

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