Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rex the Wonder Dog, new S.J. Rozan, and Don't Listen to Fans

Rex the Wonder Dog

I've always heard the name Rex the Wonder Dog with a cynical ear. What could possibly be so wonderful about him? Caleb Mozzocco has the answer. I mean, look at that cover I've posted.

I'm ready for my Showcase Presents Rex the Wonder Dog, DC.

The Chopin Manuscript

One of my favorite mystery writers, S.J. Rozan, is collaborating with a bunch of other mystery/thriller writers on a serialized audiobook called The Chopin Manuscript. It's narrated by Alfred Molina, which is very cool. I've been thinking about getting some audiobooks for the car, so this might be a good place to start.

The drawbacks though are a) that they're insisting on releasing it a chapter at a time, and b) that it's exclusively available through Audible.com, which makes you download the book and save it to your own audio player. I'd rather get the whole thing at once on CDs, but I'm old fashioned like that.

Fans Don't Know What They Want, Part 43

Another example of why it's not smart to change your story plans based on what the fans say they want. Because they really don't know.

Remember how everyone (including me) complained about where the heck Nikki and Paulo came from last season on Lost? Their introduction was a response to other fan complaints. According to Carlton Cuse, "People asked questions about the other characters on the beach ... Are we ever going to learn anything about them? ... But once we did it, people were angry that we were taking time away from our main characters and giving it to Nikki and Paulo..."

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